The best for you.

Sale and Financing
We will arrange for professional equipment being quickly provided to you. Let our sales department assist you in selecting your future Auras pump and advising you on financing.Rent, purchase or leasing? Contact us – we will find the perfect solution for your requirements.

Maintenance and Inspection
Auras pumps only require minimum maintenance during many years of operation under toughest conditions. Your Auras Partner will ensure that your Auras pumps do their job always reliably. You may have your pumps inspected and repaired economically by our experts on our premises or just conveniently at your site. All components are quickly available at any time.

For your immediate and temporary needs, you simply can rent Auras pumps at local rental stations in your region – for as long as you want. Our website provides an overview of all rental stations in each region. Of course, we will dispatch rental pumps to your place upon your request.